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time between these walls

(2020 - ongoing)

After moving through various homes within a brief period of time, McGarry struggles to call anywhere ‘home’. These feelings of displacement have led the artist to continually investigate permanence, as seen in Between Locales (2018) and The Art of Disappearance (2019). 

Home-place is a pause in movement: it nurtures us from the unreal. Yi-Fu Tuan expresses that the intimate pauses we experience within home-place are often unobtrusive, like breathing, concealing a certain poetry. Each pause is multiplied by all the pauses that came before it, and the true quality of our particular place and our encounter with it cannot always be clearly imagined.

Time Between These Walls (2020) sees the artist transform her gaze, and divide her own intimate philosophies of home-place into chronologically sequenced meditations. The lens tenderly observes the visual evolutions that represent time passing through the home. This gradual, slowed experience of pause within home-place offers these intimacies a sense of permanency, further crafting an extended moment for reflection and contemplation of the intangibles of personal intimacy.

The work is presented as a series of 7 books, accompanied by a moving image and audio installation.

Work featured:

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