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sunrise (2020)

In Sunrise (2020), Emma McGarry observes the subtle intimacy and sublimity of the sun rising into one August morning. The work comes as an extension of her graduate work Time Between These Walls (2020), in which time is her commodity. Inspired by early chrono-photographies, McGarry transforms her gaze and fragments this particular moment in time into a sequence of ten polaroid-size prints. The hand-held photographs present a gradient of light and colour as the sunrise casts over the artists’ bedsheets, crafting the act of viewing into an extended moment of intimacy in itself. Through this simple meditation, McGarry encourages her audience to seek and identify their own unique quotidian rituals to thus experience the solitude, peace and tranquillity offered by personal intimacy.

Prints available for purchase at @emmamcgarryvisualart.

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