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You Should Have Been There.

I've officially been in The Netherlands for 2 months now - wahoo! And today I finally got back some of my 35mm film. Whilst I was looking through all my photos, I realised I'd forgotten to blog about one of my favourite days since I've been here; 'Should Have Been There'.

At the end of September, I'd heard about 'Should Have Been There' through word of mouth; a festival with a secret line up and a secret location. Myself and my friend Rebecca decided to grab ourselves some tickets, where we then received a phone number that we could call on the day to receive all the details regarding line up and location.

So after a box of Lidl Sangria and some nasty wine from the day & night shop, we rang the number to find out where exactly it was that we were going. Of course, the answerphone was in Dutch, so we had to find a translator to decode the message, but finally got on our way to one of the largest venues in Groningen; Paradigm.

Rebecca on the way to Should Have Been There

From what I could tell, Paradigm was an old warehouse that has been converted into a multi-story club with tonnes outdoor space to host the annual Paradigm Festival as well as Kadepop and monthly parties. The space feels really industrial, or even abandoned, where it's really in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by shipping containers.

The party started off outside in this sort of courtyard area, with access to Kadepop festival that was taking part across the whole of the grounds, where they played a variety of different genres, but the courtyard focused on funk and techno.

For about 30 seconds some male strippers appeared in the windows of the warehouse, and I'm not sure why or how they got there, or why they were only there for that short period of time, but it was so much fun.

Later, the party opened inside the warehouse where they played mostly techno and house. Weirdly, there was a barber shop open inside and throughout the evening - again, no idea why or how that got there.

(Really bad quality) video still of the barber shop

The festival itself was so much fun and I made some really amazing friends that I've spent loads of time with since. If you're ever in Groningen or The Netherlands, keep an eye out for events like these - especially in the summer months because there seems to be loads of unique, creative and quirky parties cropping up all the time.

For now, enjoy some of my (really bad) shots from the day/night!

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