Terug Naar Het Begin (Back to the Beginning)

This semester, I selected the Off-Course Acoustic, where a small group of Minerva students in collaboration with Prins Claus Conservatorium (a music academy in Groningen) are curating and creating work for a section of the Terug Naar Het Begin Festival (or Back to the Beginning). Terug Naar Het Begin by their own definition is...

The Minerva/Prins Claus group are creating an audio-visual artistic experience at the Zeerjip church.

As well as creating the exhibition/experience for the Terug Naar Het Begin Festival, we have weekly lessons which are made up of small workshops designed to inspire the work that we create for the exhibition. The first week consisted of sharing words or themes about each-others' work, the second experimenting with creating instruments or music out of everyday objects, and the third visiting Zeerjip church. This week we created a 2-hour-long audio-visual performance that was completely improvised, and made up of Prins Claus students' instruments, electronic sounds, as well as visual and audio reactions to the sound through drawing or using everyday objects by the Minerva students.

Here's a short video clip of part of the improvised performance:

These are some stills of the performance drawings that were inspired and created by the music:

By me:

By other students:

The opportunity to create a body of work for Terug Naar Het Begin Festival is an incredible one, and something I am grateful to be a part of. It has allowed me to consider new directions for my work, and begin to think about different art forms accessible to me other than visual. It's also been fantastic to work alongside other creatives from the Prins Claus academy, where we continue to inspire eachother each week.

There will be another blog post about the Terug Naar Het Begin Festival once we have completed our exhibition! If you're in The Netherlands, tickets are available from and we will be on show from the 24th-26th May!