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Summer In November

Two weeks ago in Groningen we got a surge of hot weather - some days as high as 26 degrees - smack bang in the middle of October. What better way to spend a hungover Saturday than at Piccardthofplas (Piccardthof Lake)!

Dying from hangover before the lake (on 35mm)

More dying from hangover before the lake (on 35mm)

We spent a good 25 minutes cycling to the lake, but it was worth it to spend some time in the sun, in the water, drinking (them - not me - I was dying) and eating carrot sticks with humous.

Here's some pictures from our route to the lake.

(on 35mm)

Kaiya cycling (on 35mm)

Kaiya walking (on 35mm)

(on 35mm)

Once we got the Piccardthofplas, we chilled and ate snacks and enjoyed soaking up the sun for a final day before it starts getting freezing cold. Obviously, Kaiya jumped straight in the lake like the free-spirited bean that she is, but I was a bit more hesitant because somebody had mentioned eels and I didn't want to be eaten alive. (I know eels don't eat you, but they look like they could).

Kaiya in the lake (on 35mm)

(on 35mm)

After some convincing that there were NO EELS in the lake, I finally plucked up the courage to ungracefully jump into the water and rid myself of hangover. Enjoy some really ugly pictures of me trying to swim whilst also concentrating on catching my breath and not freezing to death.

Me and Kaiya (on 35mm)

Me and Kaiya (on 35mm)

Me and Eliza (on 35mm)

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