Introducing... Etta

Charlie Fenemer, better known by her alias Etta, is a 21-year-old music producer, poet and DJ based in London, UK. Taking inspiration from the grungy, alternative R&B sounds of BANKS and Jai Paul, her psychedelic rhythms nod to the likes of Pink Floyd and earthy electro-jazz aura of Puma Blue.

Ethereal poetry guides the listener through celestial and ambient synths in her debut EP Liminal Spaces, as Etta reveals a certain introspective vulnerability within her sound. Alternatively, she kicks off her follow-up EP Meraki with punchy drumbeats and chopped samples, introducing a darker narrative to her electronic playground. Intro track Ambient Attraction sets the tone for the project, surprising her listeners with everything from broken beats reminiscent of old school garage and drum and bass, to seductive ambience and funky guitar samples. Her latest project X Left To Say serves a contemporary fusion of Etta’s ever-angelic melodies contrasted with the hard-hitting vocals of emerging Irish hip-hop artist Rich Fish.

And she doesn’t stop there. Not only is Etta a committed music producer, she resumes activity as an eclectic selector and is making her mark through DJ’ing internationally. She boasts no genres and no restrictions in her LMX Radio, keeping her audience guessing and reminding us all of the versatility of her sound. The mix-cloud station comprises her very first at-home show DJ In A Room, an extensive set of carefully curated dance rhythms and energetic, yet moody beats. Follow her on Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Spotify to keep up with Etta’s footprint and witness the power of emerging female-directed electronica.

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