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do not touch (2019)

In June of 2019, McGarry worked in collaboration with Karina Puuffin, Rebecca Bowtell, Gena Kalina Schneider, Hedwich Rooks, Ingrid In der Maur, and Mairi Munro to bring the all-female-directed exhibition at De Keller in Vrijdag (Groningen, The Netherlands). The week-long series of events explored themes and connotations surrounding the statement 'Do Not Touch'. The statement was originally inspired by the feminist outlook of the collective and their exhaustion with the politicising of female bodies. However during the co-direction of the show, 'Do Not Touch' also came to encompass more diverse themes such as elitism within art institutions, as well as questions surrounding materiality.


McGarry's personal response to Do Not Touch (2019) is a body of work that explores the intangibility of light and sound, whereby she transforms and abstracts an old dark-room space using broken mirrors and projection. Filled with ambient sounds produced by James McGarry, the room becomes an out-of-this-world immersion, depicting abstracted line drawings as an exploration and reaction to artists' experience of sound and place.

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