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coventry blue (2017 - 2018)

Coventry Blue (2017 - 2018) is an investigative body of work that explores Coventry's hidden history in order to alter the artists perception and experience of the city. After digging through history archives, McGarry found fascination in the history of Coventry's 'true blue' cloth from the late middle ages. Her discovery of the vibrant 'true blue' cloth contrasted with her grey and uninspired experience of Coventry. This discovery encouraged the artist to look beneath the city's surface, noticing and focusing on details and ephemera from the areas around the old weavers houses, where she found significance in the textile history within the city.

By looking down at the city, rather than up, McGarry found softness, fragility, and gentle beauty in the debris, plants - and even litter - from the location of the weavers houses to create an abstract portrait of the city. She uses variations of blue photographic toning, cyanotypes, digital manipulation, and eco-printing methods to investigate mysterious 'true blue', as well as reframing her city. 

The work is presented on a light-box, so as to increase vibrancy and emphasis on Coventry's 'true blue'. Coventry Blue (2017 - 2018) was presented at EXPOSURE Photo Festival at the Coventry Evening Telegraph Building in 2019.

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