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between locales (2018)

Between Locales (2018) is a body of work that explores the disconnect and feeling of ‘inbetween-ness’ as the British artist takes new residence in The Netherlands for a year. Struggling with the tension of belonging to two places, McGarry strives to bridge the gap between her blurred locales through exploring the natural world that connects them so innately. Through the use of 35mm film photography, as well as immersing her work into the physical landscape to create indexical prints from the land, the artist uses process as a meditative, therapeutic exercise to help cope with her ‘inbetween-ness’. The work is made up of prints on canvas, translucent paper, negatives, as well as a reflective glass mirror. The work is ongoing, and speaks for the artist’s continual experience of ‘inbetween-ness’, and with the use of the mirror, encourages the audience to reflect upon their own experiences of 'inbetween-ness'.

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